Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Balika Vadhu- Episode List

Balika Vadhu meaning child's marriage may have its own advantages. And it may have its own dis-advantages. Indian culture today has been inroad-ed by western culture. A day was there when girls used to feel shy to talk to boys and telling their love was something unimaginable or regarded bad. Education for a girl in those days was not that importance, but marriage was and once married her life is to spent in the service of her family. Today everything has changed. Every girl today needs to be an educated girl, a college completed girl. A girl without any boyfriend is regarded in a low esteem.

A marriage today is successful only if the partners do not discuss about their past lives. Divorces have now become common. Divorces are on the rise.

Keeping this in view it would not be a surprise if once again people think of child marriages.

Balika Vadhu story...

Balika Vadhu hindi serial highlights the story of child marriage in Rajasthan, equally applicable to whole of India. Anandi is a eight year old bright student. Her teacher is very fond of her. Her parents decide to marry her and her marriage is thus fixed. Anandi is very happy when adorned with marriage dress and to get married not knowing its importance. Anandi's teacher objects it but money plays its part and her marriage is successfully completed. She marries a young boy Jagadish. The new house and the separation from her parents is rather confusing to Anandi. Anandi has to accustom herself with new faces and relationships.

How successful is this marriage of Anandi. Anandi does all good for the family and her husband. But her husband leaves her and goes with another lady Gauri.

Gauri for her part respects the feelings of Anandi and tells her if she had not married Jagya she would have been her friend. She tells her that her marriage is a legal one with Jagya. Anandi on her part thinks that her marriage with Jagya at her tender age is not legal.

Anandi's teacher asks her why is she not fighting and show to this society that what will happen if played with women, why she is not filing case against Jagadish. Anandi tells her she cannot get anything by taking revenge on Jagadish. Teacher tells her that it will teach the society a lesson.

Anandi takes to teaching the young children of the village. She then decides to teach for the elderly people of the village too and goes to every house asking them to attend school. At first the elders refuse and then they agree to be taught.

Gauri tells that to get divorce the lawyer had told her to accuse Anandi of adultery. Jagadish gets anger on this.

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