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Uttaran story starts with Ichchha a eight year old girl sitting near the traffic signal and watching the vehicles. She is waiting for the evening to meet her mother who has gone for domestic work.

Damini does not get good pay in her present house and when a offer of house-maid at Jogi Thakur's house she joins there. Tapasya is the daughter of Jogi Thakur.

Ichchha and Tapasya become friends. They grow up together. Nani puts poison into the minds of Tapasya. Tapasya vies for everything that Ichchha likes. Ichchha love Veer and so Tapasya too loved him and deceitfully married him taking the place of Ichchha. Tapasya bad character comes out to open and so Ichchha marries Veer. Tapasya again enters the house of Veer telling that she is pregnant and is carrying Veer's child. Ichchha tells that the child she is carrying is not Veer's. Everybody abuse her and when Veer too does not believe her, she leaves the house.

Jogi Thakur telephones Taps and gets emotional that he is not present to see the child. He asks if Ichchha is there with her. Tapasya tells lie that she has gone out on some work and cuts off the phone under some pretext.

After Veer comes to know that Tapasya had given birth to Rathore's child then he asks her to leave the house and she too leaves.

Both Jogi Thakur and Veer go to Basti to bring back Damini and Ichchha but fail.

Ichchha lives her life in Basti always thinking of the time she had spent with Veer while Veer spends his time thinking of Ichchha.

Both Jogi and Veer set off in search of Damini and Ichchha and return with failure.

Tapasya joins Rathore telling that she loves him. But Tapasya loses the child which she had left in an orphanage and Ichchha gets the child as fate would have it.

Ichchha is asked by Avinash to save his father who is ill acting as his daughter-in-law. Ichchha thus takes shelter in Mukherjee's house and becomes the cause of his arrest when she comes to know his true colors. Ichchha becomes pregnant. Prasad Avinash's father meanwhile dies and Avinash gets bail. To escape from him Ichchha and others take shelter in Kaakka's friends house.

Tapasya marries Rathore and Avinash meets Veer and in his name advertises and calls Ichchha to meet him at 6:00 P.M. Ichcha comes to the Cafe but sees Avinash there and so returns back. Veer who comes later to the cafe waits for Ichcha not finding her gets upset and decides to go to U.S.

Ichcha goes to hospital for medical check-up and meets Jogi there. Jogi takes them at the last moment to Veer who is about the board the plane to U.S. Ichcha returns back to Veer's family fold.

Tapasya and her family members comes to know through her medical report that she can never give birth to a child. On the other hand Ichcha celebrates her baby carrying ceremony.

Ichcha gets labour pain gets admitted to hospital deliver a baby and before anyone could see it the doctor announces that the baby cannot be saved. A muslim burqa lady takes the baby from a nurse and as she throws the burqa Nani is seen there with the Ichcha's child.

Nani gives the child to Pushkar to leave the child somewhere and Pushkar is unable to dispose of the child with ease.

Pushkar gets caught by Rathore and Rathore takes the child and starts giving it his parental love.

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